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Buy Xanax Italy - Alprazolam Sale Online

With over 30 years experience in food distribution, we have created a loyal customer base and a reputation for excellent service.

We began life as merchants of locally produced farmhouse cheeses, supplying local markets and specialist shops. Over the years we have continued to grow and expand our scope of products and services. We remain true to our roots of cheese suppliers but are regarded as providers of a comprehensive range of quality chilled and ambient foods, at one single source of supply.

As our business and products continue to expand, we have made significant investments to maintain and grow the service we provide. A recent investment includes a state of the art, purpose built facility with large storage capacity and a new bespoke telesales service. We are committed and prepared to make further investments to keep on top of the industry.

At Clegg’s Chilled Food Service, we are dedicated to delivering you better choice without compromising on quality and value for money. We source the finest selection of specialist foods, ensuring all our customers receive the best quality products possible. We also have the highest level BRC grade ‘A’ accreditation to give you confidence of supply.