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Service is the vital ingredient of our business philosophy, providing exceptional service has always been and will remain one of our core values.

We believe service is the key to building the stable and enduring relationships on which successful businesses depend. Although our customers are driven to be competitive and efficient, and naturally expect high standards of professionalism from their suppliers, we know that they still place a high value on a personal touch. In our view, there’s no substitute for building good relationships.

We provide a pro-active, bespoke telesales order taking system which offers quick, efficient and personal service, staffed by our dedicated telesales team. We tailor customers ordering procedure to best suit them and their business.
Orders are delivered using our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles, five days a week. To accommodate our wide customer base, we offer no minimum order quantity for delivery.

In addition to our telesales and delivery service, we have a team of sales representative on the road, ready to help with any information or queries relating to products and your account. One call to us and your rep will be with you in person or by telephone as soon as possible.