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  • Xanax Illegal Buy Online, Xanax Cheap

    A high standard of public service is at the heart of our company.  We promise to provide the highest standard of chilled food supplies, deliver exceptional quality and ensure our customers we are one of the most reliable leading suppliers in the North West.  To underpin this, we have achieved the highest level BRC ‘A’ accreditation to ensure complete confidence in our products.

    By continually responding to customer needs and requests, Clegg’s chilled food service provides a comprehensive range of quality chilled foods from one single source of supply.

    Our confidence of the highest customer service comes from over 24 years of experience, guranteeing our promise to always meet and exceed customer expectations.

  • Retail

    With over 25 years of experience, we gurantee excellent customer service through listening and responding to our customers needs.

    Establishing a loyal customer base, we continually develop the scope of our products to always ensure the highest standard of customer satisfaction.  Years of investment means we have forged strong business links with well established and reputable manufactures, both in the UK and abroad.

    We promise to provide the highest standard of chilled food supplies, deliver exceptional quality and ensure our customers we are one of the most reliable leading suppliers in the North West.  To underpin this, we have achieved the highest level BRC ‘A’ accreditation to ensure complete confidence in our products.

  • Wholesale

    Clegg’s chilled food service provides a wide range of quality chilled food products from one single source of supply.

    With reputable business links both in the UK and abroad, our company gives customers access to an unbeatable portfolio of the food industries best known and most respected brands.  To underpin this, we have achieved the highest level BRC ‘A’ accreditation to ensure complete confidence in our products.

    Our gurantee to you is to provide the highest quality chilled foods from reliable sources, continue to listen and respond to our customers needs and readily provide fresh supplies.